Coolit is not just another sever rack – Coolit is an exciting concept for building energy efficient datacenters & cost effectively expanding existing ones. CooliT easily eliminates hot spots without the need for complex infrastructural changes.

CooliT is a field proven solution adopted by many datacenters, telecom operators, and other companies running mission critical server room. See the customer references and get inspired.


orange Orange is engaged in a modernization process of its datacenter. Orange chose CooliT for the virtualization & modernization project which required high density racks and to solve overheating issues. Orange are gradually replacing their passive racks with CooliT air cooled sever racks without the need to add Air Conditioning Unit. About Orange - Partner Communications Company Ltd. (”Partner” or the “Company”) is a leading cellular operator and telecommunication services provider in Israel. Operating under the orange™ brand, Partner provides a broad range of high-standard services to over 3 million cellular customers, representing a market share of approximately 32%. Alongside the current content and cellular services the company is offering today, Partner introduced at the beginning of 2009 its new portfolio of services which includes ISP services, mail access, Wi-Fi, fixed telephony and web based entertainment multimedia services. The company is thereby realizing its strategy to evolve from a pure cellular operator into a leading telecommunication company in Israel. The Company’s ADSs are quoted on the NASDAQ Global Select Market™ and its shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (NASDAQ, TASE: PTNR).


bezekBezeq International chose CooliT to Expand their existing state of the art datacenter and to construct two new high density server rooms. About Bezeq International - Bezeq International Ltd. (BI), Israel’s leading Internet and International Telecommunications provider, was founded in 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bezeq, the Israeli Telecom Corp. and is part of the country’s largest and leading telecom group. BI provides customers with comprehensive communication solutions in International and Organizational Telephony, Internet, Business Integration, Hosting, Data Communication and Information Security Solutions.


Bezeq Chose CooliT to expand their main Datacenter. The server racks, typically loaded with 15KW, are used for mission critical applications of Bezeq, specifically the NGN infrastructure. Bezeq is Israel's largest and leading telecommunications group. The companies that make up the Bezeq Group offer the full range of telecom services – domestic and international, fixed and mobile, high-speed Internet, transmission, and more.

013 Netvision chose CooliT to expand their datacenter to provide Hosting services to customers that require high density server racks. Netvision is implementing the CooliT ToP server rack especially designed for ceiling based air conditioning. 013 NetVision is Israel’s oldest-established Internet Service Provider with the richest experience and “know-how” in the country. The company provides a wide area of advanced communication solutions and added value services, among which Internet and international calls, for organizations, businesses, and private users. 013 NetVision also offers a range of advanced information security services, hosting services, anti-virus services, website filtering, and an array of the most advanced telephony products and services using cutting-edge technological solutions of the highest quality.


hotHOT Chose CooliT to resolve overheating of servers and networking equipment in their existing sites. CooliT implemented a tailor made solution that was fitted to the existing infrastructure and resolved the hot spots. HOT, the cable communication company commenced its activity in the year 2003 as a joint brand of the “TEVEL”, “ZAHAV CABLES” and “MATAV cable companies”. HOT offers its customers a variety of innovative services and products, ranging from multi-channel television services, broadband internet infrastructure , and landline telephone services, HOT serves more than 900 thousand subscribers of multi-channel television services – over 60% of the multi-channel television market share; more than 700 thousand customers subscribe to the HOT internet services, making 40% of subscribers to internet services nationwide; and in excess of half a million lines in telephone services. A total of 1.3 million Households in Israel subscribe to HOT services.


Clalit Health Services, one of the early adapters of CooliT, chose CooliT as their standard technology for constructing new datacenters and server rooms. Clalit health services implemented CooliT in their headquarters in Tel-Aviv both for new server rooms and to upgrade existing server rooms and in new server rooms in hospitals across the country. Clalit Health services is the largest health organization in Israel, and one of the most progressive public health associations in the world. Through its 14 hospitals and more than 1200 primary and specialized clinics, Clalit provides comprehensive health insurance and highly advanced medical care to the majority of Israel’s population. Clalit has one of the largest IT infrastructures in the country.


Sheba Medical Center chose CooliT for their new state of the art datacenter, Sheba implemented advanced AC system together with CooliT air cooled server racks and build a highly efficient datacenter. The Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer is a university-affiliated tertiary referral hospital that serves as Israel's national medical center in many fields. Adjacent to Tel Aviv, it is the most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East, renowned for its compassionate care and leading-edge medicine. It is also a major medical-scientific research powerhouse that collaborates internationally with the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries to develop new drugs, treatments and technologies, and a foremost global center for medical education.


Asaf Harofeh Medical Center chose CooliT server racks to build a new high density and energy efficient server room. Assaf Harofeh Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals in Israel with a versatile medical treatment. The Center uses a wide range of modern medical technologies for an effective and high quality medical treatment. The hospital campus is also a home to The Sackler Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University.


shahalShahal Telemedicine chose CooliT server rack for thie server room modernization, based on CooliT they cosntructed a new high density facility especially for their mission critical applications. SHL Telemedicine specializes in cardiac evaluation, supervision and care services connecting the subscriber – whether at home, the office or from abroad - to the company’s medical monitoring center.
We bring the most advanced medicine into the home of our subscribers, listen carefully to their heartbeat and improve their and their families’ quality of living.


Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson) Chose CooliT to Expand their existing datacenter. Rabin Medical Center, comprised of both Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals, is one of the largest medical facilities in Israel. Since its establishment Rabin Medical Center served as a model for new standards in medical treatment and as a leader in the use of new technologies while maintaining the highest standards ofquality medical and nursing care with personal attention towards patients and their families. In addition to first-rate medical care, Rabin Medical Center (RMC) is renowned for its scientific research, technological development and medical achievements. Affiliated with Tel-Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, RMC collaborates with some of the largest and most prestigious medical centers world-wide.


Shila Implemented their new server room based on CooliT to build a high density room in a very tight space. Shila used advanced Computer Room Air Conditioning systems that were combined with Coolit server rack to achive optimal operation. Shila is one of the leading dental care networks in Israel providing advanced services all over the country.


Union Bank has modernized its existing Datacenter with CooliT server racks. The bank has gradually replaced most of its passive racks into high density CooliT air-cooled racks. Union Bank of Israel Ltd., the sixth largest commercial bank in Israel, provides comprehensive banking services to both private and business clients.



Discount Bank Chose CooliT server racks to solve hot spots in their datacenter. The sevrver racks were easaly implemented in th the existing infrastructure enabling them to utilize high density blade servers. Israel Discount Bank is the third largest bank and a leading financial group in Israel. With nation-wide coverage and a strong and growing domestic franchise, Discount Bank provides a full spectrum of corporate and retail financial products and services to its clients, both in Israel and in key financial centers around the world.



Clal Insurance chose CooliT server racks for their DRP site which was build as a hosting site at med1, one of the leading hosting datacenters in Israel. Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd. Provide a diverse line of business & financial Services, including Long Term Savings, Non-Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Credit Financing. The group owns insurance companies, insurance agencies, pension funds, provident funds, advanced training funds, loan companies and financial asset management companies. The group, which is active in Israel and abroad, has more than 3,500 employees and works with 2,000 insurance agents. All these activities place Clal as one of Israel's leading insurance, pension, and financial services group.


Psagot built theur mission critical server room based on CooliT server racks. Psagot – one of Israel's Largest Investment House. Psagot is a recognized leader in Israel's financial markets.


Hapoalim Bank chose CooliT to expand their existing datacenter especially for mission critical applications, based on high density blade servers. The Bank Hapoalim Group headed by Bank Hapoalim B.M. is Israel’s largest bank. With a global presence, the Group offers sophisticated investors the scope, contacts and choices of an international bank with the personalized service of the finest private banking.


policeThe Israeli Police has built a new datacenter for DRP applications. The whole center was based on CooliT server racks which were hosed with high density servers and many mission critical servers. The Israeli police is a large organization distributed all over the country that with highly advanced on-line and network based services. Its datacenters are critical to their operation.


justiceThe ministry of justice implmeneted CooliT server racks to expand their server room.



Marvel implemented CooliT ToP server racks with overhead air distribution ducts to upgrade their existing server room. The solution provided them with an energy efficient high density server room. Marvell is a leading fabless semiconductor company, with operations worldwide and approximately 5,000 employees.

Dead See works implemented CooliT ToP server racks to house high density servers with no raised floor air conditioning. Dead Sea Works, a business unit of ICL Fertilizers, is the world's fourth largest producer and supplier of potash products, as well as a broad range of chemical products, including magnesium chloride, anhydrous aluminum chloride, industrial salts, de-icers, bath salts, table salt and raw materials for the cosmetic industry. Dead Sea Works serves customers in over 60 countries from our manufacturing and support operations in Israel and in Spain, through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Iberpotash.