Server cooling is one of the major energy consumers in the datacenter, much more than other energy consumers such as light and UPS. Therefore saving on air conditioning and server cooling should be prioritized.


CooliT sever racks optimize the airflow of conditioned air to the servers. If in a typical conventional datacenter only 30% of the conditioned air actually reaches the servers, with CooliT server racks as much as 95% of the conditioned air reaches the server. This alone brings a significant saving.

To further improve the datacenter efficiency, CooliT provide "CooliT OptimizeAir" – control software that connects both to the CooliT server racks and to the CRACs (Computer Room Air Conditioners). The software collects from the server racks the amount of air it draws, sums it and regulates the air flow rate in the CRACs accordingly. The results is a significant saving in energy consumption, the CRACs provide exactly the amount of air that is needed to cool the servers at any given moment.

IT has never been greener !